Puntarelle alla romana (Roman style puntarelle salad)

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Puntarelle alla romana (Roman style puntarelle salad)

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Adjust Servings:
800 g Puntarelle chicory sprouts
30 g Extra virgin olive oil
1 Garlic
to taste Pepper
4 Anchovies fillets in oil
10 g Vinegar from white vine
to taste Table salt

Nutritional information

5.4 g
4 g
8.6 g
5 g
4 mg
340 mg

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Roman style puntarelle salad is a fresh and tasty side dish, very popular in Lazio and in some areas of Campania, especially during the Easter period, because puntarelle are typical of these territories, although they are now easily found on the counters of markets and supermarkets all over Italy, even already cleaned and ready to be seasoned with the typical emulsion that enhances their taste.

Puntarelle are a popular vegetable, even the Romans, well-known gourmets, already loved this slightly bitter ingredient that looks similar to asparagus even though puntarelle are harvested in large heads.

The appearance of puntarelle is vaguely reminiscent of asparagus but they are harvested in large heads, belonging in fact to Catalogna chicory. Cleaning them is definitely the most labor-intensive part but you could always get help so, in between chatting, the puntarelle salad is ready.

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To prepare the Roman-style puntarelle salad, start by carefully cleaning the head of puntarelle making sure that no soil residue is present [1] and separate the harder, fibrous leaves from the sprouts (the puntarelle) from the head [2-3].


once you have stripped the base, which is the hardest part, you can cut the puntarelle in half [4] and then into strips [5] obtaining at least 5 or 6 depending on the thickness. Roughly you should get 8 to 10 strands from each sprout, which you will then plunge into water and ice for at least an hour [6].


This will serve not only to mitigate the bitter taste but also to give the curled appearance typical of puntarelle. [7] in a bowl squeeze the garlic clove (otherwise you can chop it with a knife) [8] then the anchovy fillets [9].


Finally, the vinegar [10] and emulsify once with the tines of a fork [11], after which you also add salt and pepper to taste and extra virgin olive oil [12].


and continue with the emulsion [13]. Drain the puntarelle [14] and after arranging them on the serving plate, dress them with the emulsion [15]. Your Roman-style puntarelle salad is ready to be served as a tasty side dish!


- Once you have cleaned the puntarelle season and serve them immediately otherwise they will lose their crispness; if you cannot serve them, however, avoid seasoning them in advance by preparing the dressing at the time and keeping the puntarelle in a cool place or in the refrigerator, covered with plastic wrap.

- For optimal success of the puntarelle salad, and not only that, make sure when buying them that the sprouts are firm and turgid. Not everyone likes the typical bitter taste of puntarelle; to tone it down a bit, just soak them a little longer than described, perhaps changing the water from time to time!


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