Chocolate Tartufi Balls

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Chocolate Tartufi Balls

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Adjust Servings:
100 g Piedmontese nut chocolate
150 g Dark chocolate
100 g Macaroon
4 tablespoons Single cream
1 dab Butter
1 tablespoons Icing sugar
As you like Unsweetened cocoa

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For its admirers, chocolate never goes on vacation! You just have to choose the right recipes: try Chocolate Tartufi Balls, cold treats that can be enjoyed even when it’s the peak of the summer and are very easy to make.

Whether it is summer or Christmas, you cannot give up these little moments of happiness. In fact, chocolate is rich in antioxidants and activates serotonin, which is our ‘feel-good hormone’.

Today ‘ball’ cakes are all the rage among cake designers, who offer them as fun cake pops. Our recipe for Chocolate Tartufi Balls is simple; it has a dough made from two varieties of chocolate and crumbled macaroons, which you can also make at home following the classic macaroon recipe.

Only a short bain-marie cooking is required and then a few hours of resting in the refrigerator, where the tartufi can be stored for a few days, ready to be served after dinner or for a rewarding break at any time of the day.

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To make the Chocolate Tartufi Balls you must, first of all, coarsely chop the macaroons in a blender. Collect them in a bowl and mix them with the icing sugar. Then in a bowl melt all the chocolate with the butter and the single cream in a bain-marie.


Let cool and add everything to the macaroon mixture. Stir with a spatula to combine. Allow to solidify in the refrigerator to for 2 hours. Using your hands, form small walnut-sized balls.


Now coat them completely in unsweetened cocoa. Congratulations, you are done! Store the Chocolate Tartufi Balls in the refrigerator until ready to serve.



To make Chocolate Tartufi Balls more original, you can roll the balls in hazelnut crumbs, grated coconut or whatever your imagination suggests.


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